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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Begin the Begin

Don't worry...I won't tell you my entire life's story. I've started this blog to talk about my fibery pursuits, both personal and business.
I've been preparing for the upcomming fiber festival in a neighboring town- Kid 'N Ewe in Boerne, Texas - for several weeks now. I've got Merino dyed and carded, The Wool Blend dyed and carded, the Romney dyed and mostly carded, and a huge shipment of Corriedale on its way!!
Corriedale is my favorite fiber- soft, not too short, with a moderate sheen, spins easily, and it takes dyes beautifully. The Romney does also, but isn't as soft. I can't wait to play with the Corriedale.
I'm knitting a sampler shoulder shawl, made up as I go, to showcase some of my shop's colorways. I'm up to the knitted on border, which I borrowed from Meg Swansen's lacy Pie Are Square Shawl in Knitting Around (great book). It's funny, but whenever I look at the balck and white photo of her shawl, I always picture it as being red, even though the book says it is brown.
Today I also worked on hand painting some commercially spun soft singles Merino yarn in the Very Berry colorway. It's lovely!! I'll add it to the shop this week, and post a pic here when I figure out how.


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