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Tuesday, October 25, 2005


I've been pretty busy since returning home, and I've got lots of pictures for you.
First, do you recognize this snakelike creature?

Here it is demonstrating the super- cool feature of having a pull- through hole within each cable crossing that can be used to secure the scarf around your neck- no bulky knots(unless you want them); and unlike a regular key-hole scarf, it doesn't have a gaping hole in it when your not using the pull through feature!!

That's right, it is the Reversible Cabled Scarf, all done and ready for use.

I've also been spinning a bit. Here are two skeins. The bluish one is from a new roving colorway: Twilight. The other is the first of many to be spun for an Autumn Shawl that I'm designing. It is in the Autumn Fire colorway, but is more of a self-striping yarn than a tweed.

And finally, a shot of the lovely Joy's fleece. I've ordered it, and am anxiously waiting for its arrival. Joy's fleece is soft, with a nice luster, and a fiber length of 5". What more could I ask of a sheep!

I've also ordered a Finn Fleece, so there will be lots more dyeing, carding, and spinning in the weeks to come!


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