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Friday, October 14, 2005

Home away from home

I'm here in Chicago. Kim and I spent the day at Navy Pier, riding the ferris wheel and the carousel. Have I said how much I love Chicago? It is such a fun city to visit.
I had the shawl all packed up and ready to bring as my Chicago knitting project, then I switched it for the reversible cabled scarf at the last minute. I had agonized all morning over which to bring, and in the end the scarf won out. I may finish it by the time we return home.
I don't have any fiber photos for you today, so here is a shot of the view from our room:

Our hotel has a complimentary happy hour(1 free drink) and a complimentary breakfast buffet each day, and is within walking distance of Navy Pier, so I'm pretty well set for the week.


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