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Thursday, March 01, 2007

I Love my IPOD

I know it's a lame title, but a true one nonetheless.
DH bought me an IPOD for my recent birthday, and each night after the rest of the family goes to bed, I put on my headphones, peddle away on my little bike-thingy, and catch up on web stuff. Time flies when you have an IPOD going. Soapmaking is even more enjoyable with the tunes playing, and housework is easier. Okay, so I haven't actually put the last one to the test, but it seems like a logical conclusion.
Today was a very busy day for this laid-back woman. I re-stocked my craftmall booth and got to visit with my favorite craftmall employee, Daniel, the guy who quit his professional job in healthcare to work at the craftmall so he could sleep at night and keep from grinding his teeth to a fine powder. He is an inspiration in the art of following your passion(he sells his hand-sewn dolls in the craftmall) and making sacrifices to take care of yourself.
A big chunk of my afternoon was spent driving my 17 Y/O to her college campus for the purchase of a bus pass. She has wrecked 2 cars in the last year, so she is now (temporarily) going to be a mass transportaion user. The second wreck occured night before last (a sleepless night for all as we were called to the ER). A man, who we can only assume wanted to end his life, stood in the middle of the highway, and she luckily reacted quickly enough to not be part of his deathwish, but she drove off the rode and into a ravine (and over a fence and a couple of curbs), and both she and her truck have some bruises and healing to do. It could have been so much worse. Silly me, I stopped the endless worrying once both of my older children started college, only to learn that the old belief must be true: It is a mother's endless worrying that keeps her children safe.

It is a terrible photo of me (where are my side-swept bangs?) but a good one of her, so ther it is.