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Sunday, April 30, 2006

We Have the Best Neighbours

I had to have surgery on Friday morning (outpatient, really not too aweful), and was told to stay in bed for the rest of the day. When I emerged from our bedroom around 4PM I found this:

Courtney and Trent, who live to our right, sent dinner-in-a-basket, all homemade, and complete with strawberry short-cake and flowers. Courtney (who has 5 children) had written a little note on each item's lid instructing my husband in how to put it all together.
Helen and Rick, who live to our left, sent a bottle of Chardonnay over, which will be enjoyed to the last drop (not all at once, of course).

In fiber news, I've been skeining, dyeing, and re-skeining lots of yarn for the shop.

The next shop update will be Wednesday May 3rd around 1PM, so stay tuned as I'll post here when the update is done!!

Friday, April 21, 2006

Shop Update!!

I've added lots of spinning fibers and some new handspun skeins to the shop, and I've lowered prices on the Louet S17, and on Felting Kits!!
Image Hosting by PicsPlace.to
The fiber page has handpainted tops, and carder batts and rovings, Ashford dyed rovings, and undyed spinning fibers.

My in-laws are visiting afterall, and my wee-un is much better than the doctor had predicted, so we'll be going to Austin tomorrow....yippee!!

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

The Uninvited Guest

It's a virus. A very nasty virus that means my 3 year old cannot play with her buddies for the rest of the week (I'm thinking of moving her bed up to the front window where she can watch them play in our cul-de-sac), that my in-laws may now skip our house during their visit to Texas, and that said 3 year old may not get to see her cousins in Austin (her favorite place in the world, I think) this weekend. It also means that I have to explain over and over again why all these plans have changed, and how long it is until next week, and how being contagious doesn't just cease to be because you are good at pretendiing that your throat is not all inflammed and your temperature is not hovering in the scary zone despite that dose of acetaminophen, oh and, that rubbing a popsicle on your forehead does not make the whole illness go away!
This virus also means that this week's (Friday around 1PM) shop update will be smaller than planned, but I'll post when I get it done.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Spring Is In the Air

Things are starting to bloom around here:
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Image Hosting by PicsPlace.to

I love this time of year!

Take a look at what
Karen did with the Ewenique Fiber Free Easy Garter Stitch Shawl Pattern. She added a beaded edging and used 3 skeins of La Boheme for a larger shawl. I think it is just beautiful!!

I plan a shop update for next week, then I'll be updating every 2 weeks or so after that.
I'm off to spin!

Monday, April 10, 2006

Child's Play

See what I've just finished:
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My youngest asked me to make her a doll, so I threw aside the bulky cable cardi and the Gossamer shawl, and made her a hybrid of a Knitted Babe and a basic doll from Toys to Knit. I managed to find yarns that were just the same color as my little one's eyes, hair, and skin. Next I'll be knitting a sweater and skirt set, and maybe some shoes for the doll. I had lots of fun working on it, and it was a nice change from the things I normally knit. The doll has been a big hit with its recipient, so I may make a whole wardrobe of outfits for it!!