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Monday, February 13, 2006


I'm taking some online courses through a local university, and boy are they interfering with my fiber-y pursuits!!
I could take it no longer. Today, I dyed some more Finn to spin, did some carding, and worked on this:
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It is a lace mobius in-the-making. I'm not using a mobius cast on for it, instead I used a provisional cast on, and I'll just kitchener the ends together when I'm done, E.Z.(and easy) style. I love the color of the yarn, and it is lovely to work with-so soft and fluffy. It's "Lace Mohair", a superkid mohair blend from Karabella yarns in color 89626. I made the lace pattern up just for it. With all the reading I have to do though, it may not be done for quite some time.

Monday, February 06, 2006

I'm over the Hill!

Yesterday was my 40th Birthday...the big one. I tried not to think about the specifics of it too much, and since all of our family B-day parties have a theme, I asked that the theme for this one be"De-emphasizing the '40' part".
I received 2 Barabara Walker books, jewlery, a painting, perfume, and the book "Simple Foods for the Good Life" (per request), oh and the elliptical machine, which I have used every day since DH assembled it.
Here is a picture. If you look closely at the right (as you're viewing it) side of my head, you'll see a strand of green roving (I had last seen it on my 16 y/o's head...after placing it there) and there you have today's fiber related content.
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