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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Heh, Heh!

That title is supposed to sound like a cough, but how do you write a cough? Huch, huch?
The point being that I've been down for nearly a week with what I can only describe "The Yuckies". No hiking has been done since Saturday, a little knitting took place (nearly a miracle, that one), and I took several uncharacteristic naps yesteday (I never, ever nap).
This blog is long overdue for some photos, so her we go

These are my most beloved, dear ones at my recent birthday celebration. Husband dear and my son both had fevers that day, but didn't tell anyone until after the party.

This is one of the hills near my home that I'd been hiking.....for those of you who've wondered what hills in Txas look like.
And finally, a picture of a bottle of the liquid version of the laundry soap I sold until last year. The powdered version was too labor-intensive to be done on a commercial scale, so I came up with a liquid version that I can make in larger batches.

Not the most exciting photo, I know, but I've had a lot of fun working on the project.
Saturday I'll be hiking at Eisenhower park, come rain or shine.... I'm crossing my fingers for the shine option!